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Itaru, OKI
Born in Suma-Ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan on 10th September 1941. Oki Itaru was raised in   a  rich musical environment; his father was a player of the Shakuhachi (Japanese vertical

 flute) and his mother was a master of the Koto (Japanese horizontal harp) of the Ikuta School. He started to play the trumpet in his high school brass band before playing in a Dixieland style band and then in a bop band. In the late 1960’s, the trumpeter began playing free jazz. He changed his place of performance from Kansai (a western area of Japan) to Tokyo in 1965. After improving his skill in many groups, he joined an experimental unit “ESSG” of Togashi Masahiko and Sato Masahiko. Oki made his first tour to Europe with the ESSG in 1969. After being back from Europe, he formed the Oki Itaru Trio, which later grew into a quartet. In June 1974, he moved to Paris, France. After living in Lyon for a while, he moved back to Paris in December 1999. Until the present, Oki has continually performed at concerts and festivals in France and various other countries in Europe.

His main albums include:
“Murder Classroom” (‘70/Jazz Creators)
“White Egret” (‘74/Trio Record)
“Illusion Note” (‘76/Off-Beat)
"One Year” (‘79/FMP)
“Opera Night” (‘84/Paddle Wheel)
“Paris Ohrai” (‘01/Ohrai Record)